Pesten op school

april 15, 2010

One of the biggest challenges today in is pesten. Bullies have always been a problem in school, but today they are getting worse. They have much less regard for their victims than ever before. Pesten op school has become a national problem and is often in the national spotlight.

Most pesten operate quietly. They use intimidation, threats, constant torment and even get physical with the victim. This goes notuleren on with girls as well as boys. When we think of pesten, we often think of boys who are big and kippenhok maken challenge other boys to fights. This is not the case when it comes to pesten op school, the bully is not a big kid. They are not empowered. They seek to empower themselves by dominating others. Pesten usually have problems that amount towards being a sociopath. This is someone who has little or no regard for the feelings of others. Most students do have empathy, do not like pesten but will not stand up to them for fear of reprisal.


Pesten op school is a problem that must be addressed seriously by adults who are in charge. Parents who have children who are bullied in school must make the school aware of the problem so that they can take steps to correct the matter. Most parents are hesitant about contacting the school because they tell their child that they should just go out and stand up kippenhok to the bully. This is easier said than done. When it comes to pesten op school, the bully usually has friends who will stick by them to help them bully, most of whom are not real friends, but are also afraid of the pesten and him or her turning on them.


In order to stop pesten op school, the issue of brood bakken empathy must be brought up. Children must be taught at an early age to realize this emotion and not try to inflict pain on other children who they view as more helpless than themselves. It can be difficult to reach pesten when it comes to instilling this basic emotion, but it can be done. By working with certain programs and addressing the problem instead of ignoring it, pesten op school can be eliminated. But it does take effort. Boek tegen pesten.


It takes effort on behalf of parents who may see the signs of bullying in their child and want to address it. It takes effort on behalf of school administrators zeep maken and teachers who see this going on and are willing sokken breien to address it rather than ignore it. It takes the effort of the students in the school, those who are most aware of what is going on, to call it out and stop pesten op school. It takes the effort of everyone to stop this behavior of the pesten. It can be stopped, it must be stopped and it will be stopped by those who are willing to make that effort.


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april 15, 2010

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